Joe makes headlines as a defense attorney in the court room:

“Wrong man charged? Bank robberies suspect seems to posses alibis”

“As a result of new evidence gathered by Grounds’ attorney Joesph D. Morrissey, The 27-year-old construction worker was released from jail Monday and appears poised to have the charges against him dismissed.” -Richmond Times-Dispatch


“Man aquitted of assualt – Woman changed account of actions.”

“He had faced a maximum sentence of life plus more than 80 years and possible fines of more than $200,000. Instead, jurors essentially showed him the door.” – Williamsburg Daily Press


“Not Guilty! Jury acquits Hampton man in the death of a teen-ager who was killed in spectacular accident following police chase”

“Defense attorney Joe Morrissey asked Jurors Friday afternoon to find James Jeffries not guilty as a to send a message: ” Do something to let this city, this detective, this prosecuter know how upset you are.” – Newport News-Hampton Daily Press


“Teen is acquitted in slaying”

“The gun that killed Gary Leon Kee was in the hand of Garrison Leon Smith Jr. when the fatal bullet was fired, but a Richmond Circuit Court jury heard very differnt accounts yesterday of the last moment of Kee’s life.
The Jury deliberated less than an hour last night before rejecting the prosecution’s version and finding Smith not guilty” – Richmond Time-Dispatch


” Man cleared in slaying of wife”

“A Petersburg man who was charged with the murdering his wife after he reported to police that she shot herself was acquitted yesterday. After listening to almost two days of testimony, a jury of 4 men and 8 women took 50 minutes to find Puleo not guilty.” – Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Powhatan youth acquitted in slaying”

“A Powhatan County 16-year-old was acquited last night of murder, attempted robbery, breaking an entering, and firearms charges in last years shotgun slaying of the Goochland County man. A Circuit Court deliberated for a little more than an hour before acquitting Harris.” – Richmond Times-Dispatch


“City man acquited of murder”

A Richmond Circuit Court acquited Rudolph Mark Murray of murder yesterday in Feb. 4 shooting of a Randolph woman. -Richmond Times-Dispatch -